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The Best Fitting Panty in the World was introduced by Saramax in 1997. It was a late evening brainstorming session, around 9pm, when the question was asked, What is it that women want from a panty?. Lots of words were thrown around that night, but the one word that kept coming back was FIT prompting the owner of the company to state, Fine. Then lets make the BEST fitting panty in the world.. Grabbing a pair of scissors and a marker, the first hangtag was born 10 minutes later.

The Best Fitting Panty in the World was then developed over a 12 month period with fabric and trim suppliers, pattern makers, sewers and tons of fit sessions until finally it was agreed that the product was ready for launch and to stand up to its name. We were so confident in our product that we added the now famous tagline, Or your money back. We guarantee it!. The product was an immediate success in the marketplace, proving two things. One, that there was definitely a deep desire in the market for affordable great fitting underwear. And two, that Saramax had achieved what it had set out to accomplish, the Best Fitting Panty in the World.

Based on the extensive fan mail, we are now bringing this product exclusively online. We have launched with a very focused assortment but will quickly be developing additional product that stays true to our mission.



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